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Girlguiding is for all girls, whether you want to register your daughter or volunteer to help. Find out how you can get involved.

Already a member?

If your daughter is already a member of a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit you do not need to register her interest again.

Moving house?

There are units across the UK. Guiding is a great way to make friends in a new area! You can use Join Us to transfer your daughter to a new unit. You’ll need her Girlguiding membership number, which you can request from her current Leader.

Moving up a section?

Ask one of her Leaders to pass her membership number onto the unit you wish for her to transfer to. A member of the new unit will contact you with more information about the section, meeting time and cost.

Sh values

By 2020, we will empower more girls to find their voice and be their best through high-quality, girl-led programmes delivered by inspirational leaders.

"Being our best is Girlguiding's plan for the next five years. On this site you can find out more about our plan, how we've got here and what you can do to help us be our best. I hope you'll be as excited as I am about our future."

Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe

Check out the plan

Every volunteer, staff member, girl and young woman in guiding has a role to play.

  • Excellence


    We will get better and better at all that we do for girls.

  • Access


    We will work together to ensure that more girls from all backgrounds benefit from what we do.

  • Voice


    We will listen to girls and promote their voice.

  • Capacity


    We will work collaboratively to improve our processes and decision-making.

Members and staff are already supporting us to be our best. Click the icons to see how and take the quiz for yourself to find out where you fit in!

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