Think Resilient – our peer education resource

We know girls can do anything if they’re not held back by the stress and pressure of everyday life. Think Resilient gives them tools to build their mental well-being.

Think Resilient is designed to build mental well-being and grow resilience in Brownies, Guides and members of The Senior Section. Resilience helps girls cope when they're faced with the pressures of everyday life - whether that's in their schools, families or friendship groups - so that they can have fun, take new opportunities and have good mental well-being.

Why we developed this resource

The 2015 Girls' Attitudes Survey shows that thousands of girls as young as seven years old are concerned about mental well-being.

  • 62% of girls aged 11 to 21 know a girl their age who has experienced a mental health problem.
  • 46% of girls aged 17 to 21 have personally needed help with their mental health.

Girlguiding's Peer Educators saw this concern and chose to develop a new resource, alongside youth mental health experts YoungMinds.

What to expect from Think Resilient

Think Resilient aims to help girls understand the need for and importance of resilience, as well as practise resilience-building techniques and then plan ways to keep growing their own resilience.

The first session is run by the Peer Educator, who introduces four of these techniques to the girls:

  • problem solving and positive thinking
  • self-calming
  • identifying their support networks
  • recognising their skills and achievements
  • understanding their own emotions.

Ask about a session with a local Peer Educator using our online form.

Leaders: Take it Forward

After the session with the Peer Educator, the Leader then follows up in the next few weeks by involving girls in relevant activities from the Take it Forward resource.

Once the girls have completed these Take it Forward activities, they can gain a Think Resilient Badge.

Ask about your local Peer Educators

Fill in our online form to enquire about a session with a local Peer Educator. Peer Educators will be being trained from 2 April 2016, so sessions will not be available until after then. Don't worry if no local Peer Educators are trained in Think Resilient yet, trainings are happening all across the UK throughout the rest of the year.

Ask about a session with a local Peer Educator